dahlia, germain's 1922

Monday, January 5, 2015

"A Tending" / New essay up at the ARTSblog

"A Tending" is up at the ARTSblog as part of The Beauty in Change: Considering Aesthetics in Creative Social Change Work salon alongside writing by Arlene Goldbard, Denise Brown, Deborah Fisher, and Patrick Rosal, among others.  

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from the u.s. national archives, 1973, chicago
There you first fully entered the name that is yours,
you stepped toward yourself on steady feet,
the hammers swung free in the belfry of your silence,
things overheard thrust through to you,
what's dead put its arm around you too,
and the three of you walked through the evening.

-paul celan, from poppy and memory [book]
tr. john felstiner